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Play the game

Don't know what to do
Play with me, will you do?
Don't afraid, i won't bite.
Oh, common, let's play all night.

We will jump & won't cry,
We will run & maybe fly.
Don't afraid, come to me
Please, i ask you, play with me.

We'll have fun, i promise you
It's the best you've ever knew
The game is called "try to guess"
You wonlt have any stress.

Can you guess what is it?
Round, big & maybe fit
Maybe small, may have spits
Try to guess what is it?

Oh, okey, i'll give one more
Explanation for this sore
You can eat it, you can not
And it's good for health a lot

How can't you know this?
It is simple, male a list
Try to sit & think of it.
And you'll guess what is it.

It's an apple, very good
It's a kind of a food
Now it's your turn, make a word
I will guess it in a short.


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