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RUSTORION project guidelines

  1. Multiplayer viability is first priority. Anything that would break multiplayer experience is out of the question. Examples: uneven pacing for players, reliance on AI behavior.
  2. No micromanagement. Anything that could be automated with a script, should be already automated. Tedium is not a balancing tool.
  3. Low fantasy. There are several fantasy technologies (warp, u-link) but more should not be pulled out of the hat, but be further applications of those.
  4. No aliens. Aliens are an cheap way to put plot devices in a story, but they make it less believable.
  5. Any symbol that takes more than 7 bits to encode is anathema. They can be tolerated in user input (chat), but nothing that affects gameplay should require reading/writing such symbols.
  6. Be platform-aware. Consider concepts like computer memory, CPU operations and network issues when designing features.
  7. Trust no one. It must be impossible to cheat in multiplayer. Clients are only given information player is supposed to know.
  8. Don't have player rely on RNG. Random events can exist, but in mitigatable amounts. Chance is also not a balancing tool.

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