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How To Reploy

gem sources -a # if github is not already in your gem sources
gem install Voker57-reploy

If you are using merb, you can write the following into lib/tasks/reploy.rake. Otherwise, consult local authority / call it Rakefile.

That's example script, using git to get versioned content from local working copy, rsync to transfer files and using merb methods to restart remote server

require 'reploy'
Reploy.load(:host => "", # remote host
	:user => "username", # remote login
	:path => "/var/www/", # remote path to deploy site. Actual site vill be deployed to current/ subdir.
	:recipes => ["git", "merb", "rsync"], # requiring bundled recipes, end one with .rb to load it from global search paths
	:copy => [ ["config/database.yml","config"] ], # files that are not included in version control
	:store_backups => false, # setting this to true leaves named backups in their folders after deployment
	# merb settings
	:merb => { :host => "", # host to listen on
		:port => "4000", # port
		:environment => "production", # environment
		:adapter => "thin" # rack adapter
task :deploy => ["reploy:merb:deploy"] # shortcut for convenience

You can see more examples here

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